As a Level II Reiki practitioner I’m beyond excited to combine my passion for Locs and my calling to heal with this amazing product!

- What does Reiki Charged Mean?

Reiki is a form of cleansing and healing the overall body and the 7 chakras through the transfer of energy. So not only does this oil have amazing benefits for your scalp but it will aid in unblocking the energy points (Chakras) in your body. By unblocking those points it will allow your energy to align and flow fluidly through your body.

-Hair Oil Ingredients/Benefits

*Jojoba oil- strengthen hair, prevents hair loss, promote thickness (ruled by the moon and the element water, healing and love)

*Rosehip oil-promotes hair growth, controls dandruff, naturally conditions hair, revitalizes dry, thin or dull hair (Root, Heart Chakra)

*Vitamin e oil- promotes healthy scalp, natural antioxidant that aids in reducing the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause hair follicle cells in a persons scalp to break down.

*Rosemary essential oil- anti inflammatory properties, promote nerve growth, improve circulation, prevents dry/itchy scalp ( Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Throat Chakra)

*Patchouli essential oil- anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties, balances sebum production and can also boost your mood! Essential for those who have dermatitis, dandruff and eczema (Root, Sacral Chakra)

*Lavender essential oil- protects scalp against bacteria, improves blood circulation ( Third Eye, Heart, Crown Chakra)

*Turmeric essential oil- anti fungal and antibacterial properties aids in treating scalp conditions and irritations like dandruff, fungus, dryness,itchiness and reduces breakage. (Cleanses the space between the chakras to allow the prana/energy to flow more fluidly)

Reiki Charged Stimulating Hair Oil

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  • For best results ALWAYS mist your locs FIRST that’s how you keep your locs moisturized, oil is a sealant NOT a moisturizer. My hydration mist is coming soon don’t worry. Until then a spray bottle